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The Nerd Squad
The Nerd Squad

Our partner company that provides all the hardware support and work environment needed. "The Nerd Squad" is renowned for its great versatility in the Service area offering a wide range of excellent technology solutions.

One of the main advantages of this company is that it does not sale hardware, We just provide the work and service that brings you up and running . Our engineers and technicians are trained to recommend not only necessary but also to help them get the best choice when buying the hardware. One of the main advantages of this is that our engineers are not commissioned sales so that when they recommend the purchase of any equipment or part, is because it really needs it.

TECH Applications

Our most recent acquisition, our company now owns the Tech Software division of our company's Applications Partner HPTronics. Tech applications are highly customized tools to meet the need of any company. These tools cover all business processes, while all the processes are automated and you get the desired results. There is a Tech tool for each company in the market, given its versatility every company that buys one of these tools runs his own technology so that two applications of this type will never identical.

Another major advantage of these tools is their low cost, allowing them to be accessible to all levels of companies.

- Unlike SIM tools of our partner company, these tools are not specialized in specific areas. The types of companies are: Supermarkets, department stores, factories, rice, financial, Hospitals, Insurance Brokers, Client Control, Hardware Stores, Boutiques, credit unions, pharmacies, furniture stores, gas stations, Car Dealers, Cocoa Companies , among others.

Hardware & Software

our whole team of specialists and technicians in these areas are ready to solve any inconvenience with your computers and technology ecosystem. Problems with operating systems, applications, viruses, internal and external devices, including operations support, and any other technical issue. Our team includes virtually all areas of support in the field.

Apple (iOS)

On Site Computer Repair (when available in city)
Our team of remote technicians are available to come to your home or business and fix any issues without you having to leave your area, we carry everything we need to solve your computer related problems.
Networking & Wireless Networking
Everything related to data networks in small-Medium scales, either for small and medium businesses or at home, our engineers in the area are available to find solutions to your needs at the highest quality standards. There are many options available that will make your life a lot easier.
VOIP – Voice Over IP
One of our latest solutions and greatest benefit, these call centers promise to reduce the cost of turnover of your business or home up to 60% (where possible). At the same time your company gets other benefits associated with this technology such as remote connection, branch management, telephone controls, customization of the entire telephone system, integration with your application data, including additional features of great benefit for your company and home.
Your company or home, where the need arises, our team will keep you trained to use the latest applications in its complex market, causing you to acquire a basic to medium-advanced knowledge and give you the tools so you can continue to acquire knowledge in handling the tool by yourself, all in very short sessions. We call this " Microwave Training".
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